Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A few weeks ago I made a posting concerning the "perceived" intent of our "Founding Fathers" versus their "actual" intent as they created the basis for our Government and its relationship to religion.

In order to provide fairness to this subject I would now refer readers to the following link ; http://www.ingodwetrustmovie.com/ , which is a beautiful piece indeed that also displays some statements attributed to a few of our Founders that, if accurate, appear to contradict some of their own historical quotations from my August 30th posting.

The piece is well worth watching in any case.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I am writing this post with my mind spinning wildly. We must be getting close to the bottom of the rabbit hole. I would like to believe that there are other people out there that are still able to connect some of the dots.

Let's list some basic thoughts and then play the connection game.

The United States has been "engaged" in a "War on Drugs" for over 30 years (officially).

The United States is also involved in a "War on Terrorism".

It is an accepted fact that a major source of funding for terrorist movements around the world is from the proceeds of the drug trade.

After America was attacked on September 11th, 2001, our Government determined that Afghanistan was a most likely source and location of those who caused so much death and destruction.

Afghanistan is also the source of 90% of the opium for the entire planet.

A major tactic announced by the current administration (and prior ones) in fighting our "war" against terrorism has been to follow the money and cut off sources of terrorist funding whenever and wherever possible.

In late 2001 and into 2002, the United States took military action in Afghanistan, toppled (?) the infamous Taliban, arranged a new government, "saved" millions of Afghan citizens from the brutality they had endured, and forced the Al Queda group into the mountains and across the border to their "safety zone" in Pakistan (without killing or capturing or preventing the escape of those DIRECTLY responsible for the attack on America), and oh by the way, put ourselves in a PERFECT position do win a major battle in our supposed "war" on drugs by being at the very heart of the world's opium supply source.

Billions and billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent going around in circles during our "war" on drugs.

The recent major upswing in the activities of the rejuvenated Taliban forces in Afghanistan and the bumper crop of opium this year (which is the major source of funds for that group) are absolutely connected.

In the 1990's in America, there were between 10,000 and 19,000 deaths EACH YEAR attributed to heroin and those numbers have only grown during the past five years.

As of July, 2005, the population of Afghanistan was 29,928,987.

The per capita income of the citizens of Afghanistan right now is $293 PER YEAR!.

The United States has spent billions of taxpayer dollars in the "fight" in Afghanistan and now has over 20,000 military personnel (plus over 20,000 NATO forces) at risk in that country each and every day with no end in sight.

In 2004, it is estimated that 1.2% of the population of the United States reported heroin use at least once in their lives. That represents over 3 MILLION people whose lives (and their families lives) have been diminished, destroyed, or ended altogether.

The "cost" to America and its citizens directly caused by heroin must be in the billions each year and really no dollar amount can be placed on the social destruction being caused.

Money from the worldwide sale of opium being grown in Afghanistan at this very moment is funding not only the Taliban movement but Al Queda both in Afghanistan AND Iraq and elsewhere around the world and ALL our military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to be in harms way EVERY day partly because of our refusal or inability to cut off the flow of opium in Afghanistan when it is right in front of our face!

At this point I must ask you; "What's wrong with this picture?"

Is the United States actually committed to attaining victory in the long and costly "War on Drugs" or not?

Is the United States actually committed to winning the ongoing and costly "War on Terror" or not?

Is the United States actually committed to the health and welfare of its citizens whose lives are being destroyed EVERY DAY because of the availability of heroin and other addictive drugs or not?

I ask again; "Are we crazy?"

Here's an idea. Remember I mentioned that the population of Afghanistan a year ago was just under 30 million people and that the average annual income for each and every person in that country is just under $300? The math shows that this represents $9,000,000 (or about six weeks of costs we are now spending in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting our great war(s). Burn ALL the poppy fields and simply pay each and every person in Afghanistan their $300 each year and the impact on the ability of the terrorist movements and the benefits to the American people and the world would be immediate and decisive!

Our President and our Congressional leaders should be ashamed and be held accountable for continuing our acceptance and "tacit" approval for the free flow of opium from Afghanistan to all parts of the world. There is NO political "spin" that can explain these actions. Any argument about how "devastating" the elimination of the opium production would be for Afghanistan is absurd, especially when compared to the millions of people being destroyed or dying from this scourge that is heroin and the lives of our troops being destroyed in part from the money raised through the opium drug trade or the immense cost to all Americans due to the health and legal costs involved. This "appeasement" in Afghanistan is just part of a pattern and can be compared in many ways to our inaction in the equally important situation of border security. The "free" flow of drugs from our southern border and other points of entry and our failure to stop it in over 30 years is just not acceptable any longer.

As you listen to our President or other "leaders" stand in front of you at political events or on your TV's and tell you how committed they are to winning these wars and providing YOU with a secure and safe America, it is VERY IMPORTANT to remember the details of this post and then decide if you really believe "we" are actually trying to WIN these two connected wars. When the President tells you of the danger and the imminent threats and that the Administration is "committed" to doing "whatever is necessary" to win, please THINK! Ask the questions and DEMAND the truth!

Our "new" allies are; 1) Afghanistan the supplier of 90% of the world's opium supply. 2) Iraq, where we are mired in a winless strategy of internal warfare and whose leader is now aligning himself with the leadership of Iran (our next war) and 3) Pakistan whose leadership cannot or will not eliminate the terrorist haven that exists within their borders and won't allow us to attempt it and gives "tacit" approval to the Taliban movement. With "friends" like these who needs enemies?

Two GREAT wars. Can we actually win them? I would suggest yes, but certainly NOT with our current strategies. We MUST eliminate the production of opium in Afghanistan no matter what the people or government of that country says. We MUST demand that Pakistan allow us to clean up the terrorist presence there if they are unwilling or unable to do so and if they don't they MUST be considered our enemy rather than our friend! We MUST take steps to eliminate the "insurgent" presence in Iraq by first separating the "innocent citizens" from the "bad guys" and then if necessary, leveling each and every area where they are hiding. We must take steps to secure the borders of Iraq from Syria and Iran which might require thousands and thousands more troops. We MUST demand a change in the daily lifestyle of all citizens in Iraq with respect to travel (especially cars and trucks) for whatever time period necessary to stop all the car and truck bombings. The citizens and Government of Iraq MUST be willing to make sacrifices and stand up for THEIR country NOW. If the United States of America actually wants to WIN and survive then it's time to stop all the useless talk and spin and GET THE JOB DONE! If we do not, then our only course of action is to leave the area, build up our defenses here at home and wait. The main thing is that the gameplan needs to be changed because our actions (or inactions) are only showing our many enemies that we either cannot defeat them or are unwilling to do so. In that part of the world, "perception" means a lot!