Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Abusing the Constitution

For a long time now "we the people" have heard numerous elected leaders, TV talking heads and other pundits ramble on about how proposals made by whatever administration that happens to be in power are unconstitutional and how we need to return to the type of limited and small Government that the United States Constitution and our "Founding Fathers" intended.

How many have actually read the United States Constitution?

A careful read of Article 1; Section 8 pretty much lays out the powers of  Congress. READ IT.

I find NO specific instruction in our Constitution that suggests or regulates that the "size" of government be constitutionally controlled big or small.

When Section 8 gives Congress the power to "lay and collect taxes" it places no specific limitations on those actions nor does it indicate that any particular political party would be in violation of the Constitution for asserting their Constitutional authority.

When Section 8 gives Congress the power to "borrow money on the credit of the United States" it doesn't grant this power to any particular political party.

Before you as citizens simply buy into all the "constitutional" attacks, please try and realize that virtually every argument presented by the minority against the programs or policies suggested by the majority (whether the current administration or prior ones) are NOT based on the Constitution but are rather simply varying opinions. 

Differences of opinion are a cornerstone of our system of Government and a healthy debate should be encouraged but when opponents attempt to portray proposed activity by the majority party as unconstitutional it is a lie and disgraceful. The various rules concerning the procedures for the House and Senate have, during the 223 years since the Constitution was drafted have certainly subverted the "intent" of those who prepared the document to create a vibrant and functioning national government. 

Remember that just because it may be the "opinion" of one party or the other that the proposals of their opposition are not the correct path, it is, in the end, just an opinion.

The most dangerous aspect (at least to me) about the current trend of national politics is that all respect for the TRUTH has disappeared. So much so that "we the people" are left confused and conflicted about the credibility of our own Government and that is a very bad sign for our Democracy. 

It may very well be too late already. If our Congress continues to wallow in the gridlock that has attached itself to National as well as many State Governments the entire system will soon collapse. If that is the "will of the people" so be it but somewhere in the hearts and minds of American citizens there MUST be a spirit that is more concerned about the very survival of this NATION than about the partisanship of one major political party over the other. 

WE as a nation have so many critical issues to address and overcome that we simply MUST find a way to work together. The alternative is the dissolution of the United States of America.

Very soon we will know the result.