Tuesday, June 02, 2009


The democrats should be careful before getting too much deeper into the government bailout and government ownership business. At some point the "talk" from the GOP about the excesses of too much Government will become a reality. We the People always express a desire for "change" and the winning Party always "promises" that they will be the ones to deliver that change. The reality though is that the change that occurs almost always falls short of the expectations of the voters. The best policy for the Federal Government moving forward will be to move the issues that belong in the States back to the States and stop trying to micro manage the entire country from the oval office or the U.S. Congress. It is NOT the duty of the Federal Government to attempt to control every aspect of State business and the lives of all the citizens. The individual States and the individual cities and towns throughout this country had better reclaim their rights and quit looking to the Federal Government to solve all the local problems.

Citizens had better stop looking to the Federal OR State governments to "fix their lives". It won't happen. If you lose your job, go out and get another one! This is what you did in the first place, right? If you cannot afford the house you purchased (for whatever reason), let it go and start over. Getting into fruitless reorganization schemes will only bring you back to the same spot again very soon. THINK things through and make an honest and realistic plan and then, along with your family, begin to make the plan work. You do not need the Government to "give you a life", nor should you want them to.

Nothing of value is ever easy and that fact hasn't changed in all of history. I've been up and down and down and out many times and I found the only thing to do was to acknowledge whatever the current situation is and then go out and make it better.

If the collective "we" keeps putting out hands out expecting the Government to keep giving us things, we will become the dependent, socialist nation in a short period of time.

Help yourselves. Help your neighbors. Help your towns and cities. Do it from the streets and before long your children will learn the lesson of honest effort and compassion and perhaps the next generation will not be struggling with the very same issues that were being discussed 100 years ago!