Saturday, September 03, 2011

Government as an excuse

For those of you who have or will take the time to listen to our current politicians and Presidential wannabees ramble on about the ills of Government or the plight of American and her citizens, here are some questions for you. "Is Government actually the cause of all our "problems" or are these folks "using" and many of the rest of us "using" Government as an excuse?"

IF (as many in the GOP appear to promote) we simply had no Government at all, would you all suddenly be able to get a job, pay your bills, feel safe eating foods that require no inspection or quality standards, or feel confident that you and your families are safe without Government protections of any kind? The Democrats continue to try and subtly convince us that Government can and should assist all in need without limits and in doing that they push things too far in the opposite direction of most Republicans but their agenda can and is also a destructive path.

Do the GOP voices out there who constantly bash Government as the source of all our ills actually believe their own words or do they really mean they only want a Government run by them with their rules in place as opposed to any opposition? Do the Democrat voices out there truly believe that assistance programs are the ultimate answer?

Sadly, we Americans continue to try and place blame and responsibility for our own greed and poor decisions on anything or anyone other than ourselves. The Government, whether Federal or State or Local has never been the problem or the solution for our lives and we fool ourselves by giving credibility to that premise.

Start asking the correct questions and demanding clear answers!! We allow potential leaders to go around complaining about whatever policy currently in place without demanding from them a clear and concise solution. It is easy to say that everything is bad and hopeless but it is far more difficult to execute actual solutions.

Do we actually want to dissolve the EPA and have NO restrictions, regulations or controls on the type or volume of chemical waste and toxins that are spread into the air or into our water sources? Really?

Do we really want to dissolve the FDA and have no method of inspecting anything that we eat or drink or that our children eat or drink? Really?

Do we really want to dissolve the Departments of Education, Transportation, Health, Labor and most others? Really?

Should we simply eliminate Federal or State law enforcement and return to local volunteer forces to protect us? Really?

Think carefully about the words being spoken and the changes being proposed and decide if they are sincere or if they they simply being said as part of a program of spreading fear among us.

Perhaps it is best to just eliminate all Government and rules and move us into a free for all where only those with the most bullets will survive. Why not? A system of laws certainly has been a disaster for the past 235 years, right? Our political leaders are only leading us into a nation of chaos and panic and it appears that this has been the plan for quite some time. All the negative talk has weakened the confidence of Americans and that may be the most important loss of all.